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About Us

​Since 1974, Kababayan at UCI has promoted the awareness and enrichment of Pilipinx culture, tradition, and heritage within the community.

Kababayan emphasizes the academic, community, cultural, political, and social aspects of the Pilipinx experience.

Kababayan is one of the largest collegiate Pilipinx-American organizations in California, and one of the largest in the nation. In past years, our organization has reached over 600 members. Intimidating as it may seem, each general member is recognized for their special talents and personality. True to its name, the members of Kababayan can find themselves a part of a large extended family, making our lives here at UCI more involved, educational, supportive, exciting, and more importantly, more enjoyable.

Kababayan is here to nurture you as a leader, present you with valuable friendships, introduce you to all facets of the real world, and provide you with a second family. Don't be afraid to take the initiative to come to the meetings and claim yourself as kababayan, which translates to "my fellow countrymen." The members of Kababayan want you to step out of your comfort zone so we can welcome you to our organization, our home, and our family.


est. 1974

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