The Pillars

Kababayan at UCI focuses on enriching its members on the academic, community, cultural, political, and social aspects of the Pilipinx experience. Scroll down to learn more about each pillar.


The academic pillar of Kababayan serves as a reminder to our organization members that we are in university for one sole reason: to get our degrees and eventually become participants in the work field.

Some events and other programming planned for the year include:

  • Kababayan Academic Mentorship Program (KAMP)

  • Alumni Panels

  • Alumni Mentorship Program

  • Alumni Scholarships

  • Kaba Study Hours

  • ... and more!

Kababayan Academic Mentorship Program 18'-19'


The community pillar of our organization provides a way for our members to educate themselves further about issues directly concerning the Pilipinx-American community.

Some events and programming planned for the year include:

  • Justice for Filipino-American Veterans (JFAV)

  • Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC)

  • SoCal Pilipinx-American Student Alliance (SCPASA) Collabs

  • Knowing Ourselves More: Me Understanding New Issues Through You (KOMMUNITY)

  • High School Outreach, Canned Food Drives,  AIDS Walk

  • ... and more!

26th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture


The cultural pillar of Kababayan is what educates us on our history and heritage as Pilipinx-Americans. There are several events and workshops put on throughout the year that help us to realize the importance of our background.

Some of these include:

  • Pilipinx-American Culture Night (PACN)

  • Pilipinx-American History Month (PAHM)

  • Historic Filipinotown Tours

  • Kultural Dance Troupe (KDT)

  • ... and more!

Pilipinx-American Culture Night 40 Cast Photo


The political pillar of Kababayan at UCI can be very closely related to the community pillar. The political pillar makes sure that we, as members of the community, are aware of social and political issues and other current events.

Some events and programming included in the year are:

  • Prop 209

  • Veteran's Vigil

  • Rose Parade

  • Womensfest

  • Queer Kaba (Quaba)

  • ... and more!

Justice for Filipino-American Veterans Rally '18


The social pillar of our organization is truly what establishes the family aspect in Kababayan. Not only do the planned events give us time to spend together, but they give us the opportunity to branch out and create lasting friendships.

Some planned social events and programming include:

  • Weekly Thursday Meetings and After Events

  • Friendship Games

  • End-of-the-Quarter Banquets

  • Kasama Families (K-Fams)

  • ... and more!

Class of '21 at the Spring Battle of the Classes (BOTC)

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